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The Friendly Church is an inner-city ministry with an outreach that focuses on family structure, community involvement, spiritual commitment, educational achievement, and economical enrichment.  This ministry has served the same community for more than 93 years.  It has had a rewarding educational assistance and tutorial program for more than 50 years, and continues to aid in the personal development of its members and church leaders.


The Friendly Church of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. is first and foremost committed to the spiritual development of the its members and of the members of the community who commit to the teaching of Jesus Christ as outlined in the Holy Bible.  It is also committed to the social and economic development of the community in which it serves.  It will assist its community by offering educational opportunity to its members, to whom, in most cases, an unacceptable level of educational opportunities and services have traditionally been below national standards.  We take great pride in defying the odds, offering hope, and providing a real chance for success, spiritually, socially, and economically to all who come to us for assistance.


 Remember Committment, Dedication and Devotion helps turn vision into Reality.


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